Beyond Avatars Book

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Currently the book contains 3 out of 6 chapters.

The full release is planned for the end of this summer 2022, including options for paperback.


PRE-ORDER PRICE for the Full Bundle is discounted! Until the book is fully complete. Get it while it's hot 😅


Everything is becoming more and more complex, fast-paced and connected. Our work. Managing teams. Our relationships. And the rest around us is suffering. Technology is supposed to help us stay connected, to communicate and collaborate. But is it?

With the world and our technology moving so fast, we too have to adapt. How? What can we do differently? How are we able to lead?

We have to work on ourselves. Become better humans ourselves to then become better leaders for our teams.


Drawing on his experience and insights of working with remote teams for the past 10 years, I wanted to write an authentic, entertaining, honest, practical and ultimately profound guide to leading virtual teams. Beyond Avatars introduces readers to the steps and tools needed to level up as a leader, and ultimately to become a better human being.


  • ✅ Chapter 1: Introduction
  • ✅ Chapter 2: Foundation for becoming a better human
  • ✅ Chapter 3: Four Human Practices
  • ✅ Chapter 4: How to communicate virtually.
  • 🚧 Chapter 5: How to collaborate virtually.
  • 🚧 Chapter 6: Forming safe virtual teams.
  • ✅ Outlook and the 10 principles
  • 🚧 Toolkit is Work in Progress

The Full Bundle Package contains a my Toolkit with Resources, Tools and Workflows plus additional guides. And I will send everyone who buys the Full Bundle some stickers. More might be added along the way.

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Beyond Avatars Book

3 ratings
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